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Tlingit Totem, Southern Alaska
Date Issued: 1967-03-30
Postage Value: 8 cents

Commemorative issue
Alaska purchase
Tlingit Totem, Southern Alaska

Early Russian trappers in Alaska were disorganized. They depleted the stock of
fur-bearing animals in many areas and killed or enslaved large numbers of

In 1799, Tsar Paul I chartered the Russian-American Company and gave it a
monopoly on trading rights. Between 1800-1817 the fur harvest was increased

During the first half of the 1800;s, the Hudson's Bay Company and American
traders also were very active in Alaska. Rights of these traders and most of
the present boundaries of Alaska were established by treaties among Russia,
Britain, and the United States.

Russian scientific and industrial interests, from 1820 onward, provided much
development. Because of the Crimean War and other issues, Russia sought to sell
Alaska to the United States rather than lose it to Britain.

Following the U.S. Civil War, U.S. secretary of State William H. Seward
negotiated the purchase of Alaska. The treaty was signed on March 30, 1867.

Alaska was called "Seward's Folly" during the early years of U.S. control. The
region was neglected and popular thought was that Alaska was believed to be

Civil government was not established until 1884. Fishing grew after 1867, with
the first salmon cannery opened in 1878.

Fur seals, whales, sea otters and walruses were killed in abundance. Sheldon
Jackson, a missionary and educator, introduced reindeer to the region in 1891
from Siberia.

Modern economic development began in 1897-1898 with the Klondike gold rush.
Later copper ore was found, as well as oil and other minerals.

Alaska was admitted to the Union as a state on January 3, 1859.

Topics: Art (630)  Native American (93)  

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